Pumping a full milk supply as a TWIN MOM! // Client Interview with Elicia

Season #3

Elicia joined our coaching program right when we first launched in early 2022 when she was pregnant with her twins and had incredible results! It was not an easy journey for her at times, but being well-prepared made all the difference in meeting her goals. Her happy, determined attitude was such a delight to work with and reminds me of so many of the 100+ mothers who have joined our program over the last 1.5 years.

She shares with us her story in this interview. Here are a few impressive highlights from her pumping experience:

🔥 was able to have an early discharge from the NICU

🔥 established a full milk supply for 2 babies within 2 weeks postpartum

🔥 switched to exclusively pumping with confidence and no regrets

🔥 continued to pump efficiently after returning to work

🔥 EXCEEDED her 1-year pumping goal for BOTH babies

and so much more. I loved hearing about her accomplishments and her experience inside our program. This was not easy, but she worked incredibly hard and utilized everything we had to offer and it paid off over and over again for her. We are SO proud of her!!



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