Making Pumping & Breastfeeding Easier.

What is the best way to combine breastfeeding and pumping? 

How can I get milk out faster and easier?

How do I maintain my milk supply while pumping at work? 

How do I know what's right FOR ME??

You don't have to figure everything out on your own.

Pumping for Working Moms Program


Helping working moms pump


to protect their milk supply and pump with calm confidence.

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Here's what others are saying

Emma, Mom of 2

"When I was pregnant with my first, I didn't know where to start with breastfeeding. I wanted to know EVERYTHING but Google was information overload and not helpful. Then I found Allison's course. It was just what I needed! The course covered the basics and had lots of information, but it was focused in one spot so I didn't have to search a bunch a different sources. I took the course at my own pace and referred back to it again and again! The most important thing to me was feeling like I could trust Allison as a lactation expert, and also a fellow mom. Because of Allison's help I've felt successful in breastfeeding both of my babies!"

Kristi, Program Member

"I am so thankful that I found Allison! I found Allison by her YouTube videos on pumps and began following her on social media. Allison is so knowledgeable about pumps, pumping, and returning to work. The best part of the working moms program for me has been having Allison just a message away to ask questions about any pumping or nursing topic. Allison has helped me with pumping schedules, travel planning, pump settings, and more! I highly recommend the working moms program for anyone who is looking for personalized support to make pumping and the transition back to work easier with less stress"

Common Questions

This program is for you if you:


  • are a working mom
  • have a goal to give your baby breastmilk
  • want accurate, up-to-date information AND support to make it work specifically FOR YOU
  • want the step-by-step process of everything you need to know all in one place
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I'm Glad You're Here!

Hi! I'm Allison! I've been helping families navigate pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding for over 12 years. I started as a nurse, then a lactation counselor, birth doula, childbirth educator, and now as an IBCLC my passion is helping families meet their breastfeeding and pumping goals!

I'm also a mom to 3 boys and a military spouse. I love teaching parents all over the world and I'm SO happy you're here!

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