1st time mom pumped enough milk for her son! // Client Interview with Shelley

Season #3

Shelley tried 3 other lactation consultants for pumping help with no success before joining us inside the Pumping for Working Moms Program. She went from being an undersupplier to an oversupplier, from working to not working to working again, and through other major life transitions during the first year of her son's life.

Shelley also believes in this program so much, that she's even sponsored a member who can't afford to join us, we're so thankful for people like her! She put in so much hard work to meet her goals, and her husband was a huge support as well. We loved getting to know Shelley as we worked alongside her to pump fast and efficiently in a way that worked for her individually.



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Watch the full video interview here --> https://youtu.be/X653B3eq5QM