Pumping Basics

Getting a breast pump but don't know where to start?

You're in the right spot!

Discover the basics of using a breast pump, how to get one, and when to start

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This course offers 4 modules to help you prepare for breastfeeding.

Pumping Basics


Introduction to Breast Pumps

When You Might Use a Breast Pump

Basics of a Breast Pump


Types of Breast Pumps

Parts and Terms 

Flange Sizing

Adjusting Sizes & Accessories

Choosing a Breast Pump


What's Important (and what's not!)

How many breast pumps do you ACTUALLY need?

Where to Buy a Breast Pump

Used Breast Pumps

Pumping 101


When to Start Pumping

Typical Pumping Session

Cleaning Your Breast Pump

Storing Breastmilk

About Your Instructor

Hi! I'm Allison! I've been helping families navigate pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding for over 12 years. I started as a nurse, then a lactation counselor, birth doula, childbirth educator, and now as an IBCLC my passion is helping families meet their breastfeeding and pumping goals!

I'm also a mom to 3 boys and a military spouse. I love teaching parents all over the world and I'm SO happy you're here!

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What others are saying...

Emma, mom of 2

"When I was pregnant with my first, I didn't know where to start with breastfeeding. I wanted to know EVERYTHING but Google was information overload and not helpful. Then I found Allison's course. It was just what I needed! The course covered the basics and had lots of information, but it was focused in one spot so I didn't have to search a bunch a different sources. I took the course at my own pace and referred back to it again and again! The most important thing to me was feeling like I could trust Allison as a lactation expert, and also a fellow mom. Because of Allison's help, I've felt successful in breastfeeding both of my babies!"

Melissa, YouTube subscriber

"I was SO unprepared when I decided I wanted to breastfeed my daughter. I came from a formula-feeding family and had no one to get that anecdotal experience from. I took some bad advice from someone who shouldn’t be a lactation counselor that ultimately discouraged me and left me feeling less than. I’ve found so much help and empowerment in your videos and now I know how to be prepared next time around whenever I have another baby. Thank you SO much, Allison! ❤️"


"Oh, I wish I had looked on your website much earlier..! I would find everything right there! 🙂 You put so much effort into what you do 🙂 You can really tell you love to do this...! Thank you for your help."

Pumping Basics


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